/What is Festiwal góry literatury
Festiwal Góry Literatury is an annual cultural event, taking place at Lower Silesia, Nowa Ruda and various neighbouring towns. It's focused on such aspect as: literature, culture, humanism. So far Góry Literatury Festival has had five editions that attract more people from year to year. Major part of events is organised at the fresh air, among mountains and forest landscape.
/ Drive plan
1. Festival desk research
2. In-depth interview with festival founders
3. Social media analysis 
4. Questionnaire examining festival's recognition and audience
5. Survey describing reception of the old logo
6. Data analysis – creating a report
7. Designing festival identity 
8. Creating visuals
9. Project evaluation
/ Team
– Agata Semenowicz
– Konrad Parasinski
– Konrad Szewczyk
– Michał Socha
/ My role
– Conducting interviews and workshops with client
– Carrying out and analysing the results of completed surveys
– Organising and supervising the team's work
– Co-design of key visuals and graphic materials
/ Festival audience recognition
Functioning of every festival is based on its audience. At the starting point we needed to identify how the festival communicates, whom it wants to attract and finally what kind of people are actually attracted by the festival. With this knowledge we've been able to start unifying its' identity.
Although festival existed for five years now, it didn't has a consistent brand vision. With described audience, we also had to find out key festival values. With gathered informations and founders knowledge we could start forming universal and consistent identity with clarified mission, strategy and communication style.
/ Visual recreation
Designs provided by Festival were chaotic and inconsistent. Basing on developed identity we had to provide new key visual with unified style.
/ In–depth interview
We spent much time with festival formers understanding roots providing change. Our main goal was to understand following issues: 
• Verifying how the Festival is seen by its formers
• Diagnosing communication problems.
• The needs that could be satisfied by designing appropriate solutions to
   communication problems
• Creating concept for new graphic visuals
Beside it we managed to get to know the history of the festival and similar activities taking place in this region.
/ Festival social media research
At this point we tried check how the Festival's social media works. We were focused on their consistency and informing efficiency. With obtained informations we've tried to define if people are attracted by those media and find out problems that recipients may have when looking for information.
/Spying the others – competition research
With basic knowledge of communication style of our client, we managed to check how it's done by the others. Our goal was to conclude current communication with the audience, but also compare aesthetic quality and consistency of the content. It was important to determine both good and bad aspects.
/ Festival recognition and publicity questionnaire
With this survey we managed to understand how people feel about Festival. Also it was a big opportunity to see how people would imagine event in idealised way. We focused at gathering informations such as:
• Gathering information about the festival image among the participants
• Finding strengths and weaknesses in communication 
• Discovering the most effective communication channels
/ Old identity questionnaire
Here we decided to discover users point of view in fields such as:
• Determining the respondent's reaction to the sign presented to them.
• Getting to know the semantics of the sign from the perspective of the respondents
• Comparison of the understanding of the meaning of the sign between the
   formers and a group of respondents determination of the emotions caused by the
• Comparison of the organisation's identity with its image
Festival identity
/ Identity workshop
During workshops we pursued to create the key elements related to festival's identity. Using the power of team work and common co-working tools we managed to outline and choose the most important values of the organization. We succeeded with a concept design for the mission, the big idea and the claim. Thanks to these solutions we were able to describe the character and audience of the festival in a complexed way.
/ Tone of voice

The tone of voice focuses on the mindset that festival wants to share with its community: ​​​​​​​
"We believe that people should have freedom of self-development and self-expression, both in a creative way and a reproduction whether. Festiwal Góry Literatury is to create space to share thoughts and give possibility of creating bond between audience and artists. We want to gather people who believe in the power of culture. For these people we want to share the beauty of nearby lands. Everything in a casual, human homely atmosphere."
/ Values
Statement above refers to Festival's values which are:
• Building relations
• Humanism
• Region's nature
• Homeliness
/ Vision
Whole identity creation was summed by one of Festival formers:
"The intimacy of the Festival must be preserved. This is the most important premise that should have an impact on shaping its future. We have no strategy for years. We don't want to have it. We work spontaneously, in a subtle and unobtrusive manner. We do it from the heart."
/ Logo
We wanted the logo to speak for itself - especially due to the wide festival audience. Final design represents the core values of the organisation, but also refers to the logo that was established previously
/ Key visual
One of the key festival values is its' local character. In case to create a consistent visual image of the event, we decided to draw some inspiration directly from the source by visiting festival location.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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