Hello, my name is Michał Socha

I'm here to bring solutions for your brand communication.
What I do
I'm product designer from Wroclaw, Poland. I specialize in user experience and brand communication strategy design. My goal is to bring solutions that will allow you grow your company and respond to the needs of your recipients.

Everyday, I work with clients who need help with developing their own brands and products. To reach these goals I combine design thinking approach with all my experience I've gained so far.

Additionally I'm fulfilling myself in web design and creating various visual identities.
Skills and experience
I'm constantly trying to improve my competences, by challenging myself in various new projects. It means, I'm not worried working alone or in a team. Everyday I work with Adobe package (mostly Photoshop and Illustrator), Figma and Sketch (depends if work is collaborative or independent) and Principle a bit. Recently, I'm trying my hands at Adobe After Effects.

Currently I'm studying graphic design at SWPS University. It's great opportunity for me to develop my communication management skills and structure knowledge I've acquired so far.

Beside my everyday work, I'm one of main UX designers in scientific association named: CodersCrew. I'm usually responsible for managing designer teams. Moreover I participate with clients meetings and carry out workshops. 
I also've been working as a professional photographer for two years. Mostly, I've been doing corporate, product and reportage photography.
After work
I'm really keen on street photography. For me it's a kind of different way exploring and understanding urban jungle behaviour. Beside creative fields I play volleyball and basketball. Although I like sports at all, these two disciplines are based on close teamwork so I find them much more fun and interesting. Also I like very much vegetables and wiener dogs.
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